Sir "Albert Einstein"'s life 30 Interesting Facts


Einstein laiphe We have many kinds of events. Although Einstein does not do as much as I would have thought kathina, my hold on her research that many people think it is. Arnab his theory of relativity, however, a neutral person, and I did not understand. But his life is giving you some interesting facts.

In particular, I have learned tarthya Google, ukipidaya, I did not even know what it was ... undefinable head.

1. Arnab Einstein for his theory of relativity. But his theory of relativity is a key bhabata? German or pharasira? 1930 -'s decade sarabone (Sorbonne) in the speech when he said, 'If my theory of relativity is proven, but Germany will claim me as a German. France will say that I am a citizen of the world. But if the theory is proven wrong, but France will say I'm a German, and Germany will say I am Jewish. 'The. Once a program is ainastainake asked, 'You know that your theory is simple bojhabena?' Einstein sonalena this story. I was with my friend hamtachilama. Buddy was blind. I desire panakarate milk. 'Milk' buddy said, 'do not drink, but I know things?' 'A white liquid substance.' I said. 'Liquid I understand, but what the white thing' bakera feather color. '' Keeper I understand, but what egret 'jugular neck hump or inflection of the birds.' 'I understand the neck. But this hump what I mean? "It is the patient, ask! I hold her hand in a tight jhatakaya it. Said, 'It's very easy, is not it. It just, it broke my elbow along. The Liability hump or inflection of your hand as it is, he knows? '' Ah! 'Blind friend said,' I got it, I tell you what bujhiyecha. '3. Once a student ainastainake asks, 'that the test questions arose last year, and won the test even with all the questions.' 'Right indeed.' Einstein said, "but this year is a completely different answers than agerabarera! '4. Auto niugebyura ainastainake ancient historian of mathematics, 'legend'. But this relatively late legend breathed speak very powerful. As a result of his mother - his father go to the bother. So, I take it that night. Einstein. She said he was screaming, 'This is a very hot syupata.' Uh-gasp drop bamcalena mother - father. Ainastainake son was the first class, they asked, 'Why did you have before baloni?' Said Einstein said, "because, before everything was! '5. As soon as you know is wrong? I think the key mistakes made by Einstein? Princeton University in 1935, he was asked, 'What you need for study and research?' Einstein said, a desk, a pencil and some paper. Trash cans with a need, where I filled Newspapers wrong with it or not! '
6. Synonym many in my book. The 15-year-old girl Einstein once told me that help. About math homework or home you could not work it properly. They threaten to young people digit. The escape Einstein said, 'Do not worry too much math problems. I do math as difficult, or even difficult to do the math. '7. 19 in 1 go out of Palestine Einstein. The 'Youth Union, the organization was working as the chief officer of one-year-old girl. The questions that were asked of Einstein. Einstein once asking him, 'Well, there are women - puruse of how the prasnasune lajjaya of the young men. He said, 'See Professor, there is only one, but a man's wife.' My hands over his hatakhana Einstein said, 'No, no. My question is not niyo obhabe. We padarthabijnanira "relationship" I mean everything was easy. I actually wanted to know, how many women and how many men here. '8. Einstein was once a colleague of his book telephone number. The Einstein khumjebera a telephone book to find the number and the killing of his book. The fellow said, 'What's the matter, do not you think your telephone number? "Einstein said,' Do not. The darakarai or what? You can find that book, I get the theory of the brain do this? '9. In 1931, Charlie capalina ainastainake been invited. The City Lightson movie skinim calachila capalinera. When I was going capalina and ainastainasaharera way, many people rush jamaya. Capalina ainastainake said, 'I can easily understand me. Ejanyai of the popularity. You know why I like it, you can say 'we', Einstein says, 'I know I can easily say that I like so much!'10. I think Einstein was the husband of the wife? His strikeekabara be asked is, 'What can understand Einstein's theory of relativity?' He said, 'No, but my husband understand. I know he can be trusted. '11. Jacob epastina bhaskara famous Einstein once were carving a bust. Einstein himself was a model of patience for hours waiting for help from the artist. At the time, he said he jekabake,'' about the 'fade in the development of the theory of relativity has tried to disprove. My thiori if it is, then what etajanera darakarata? One day is not enough.1. Once the Queen of Belgium ainastainake been invited to tour the country. Ainastainake rajaprasade particular day was going to appear for the railway station and the vehicle fleet. But where is the key? Ainastainake khumjei found the train station. Calala back to the palace garrira collection. Simple costume play violin and play it later appeared rajaprasade Einstein the scientist. Queen of the event ashamed. With apologies to the time that the vehicle fleet for bijnanike we went to the train station. But do not get him back. Einstein said,'' I have willfully car baharake Skip forgot. The pedestrian violin and play it and play it. If you asatama the royal car, but you could play the violin? Saharatake like a normal human being could take?'' Is simple and general Einstein was a scientist. But it was not arrogant scientist etatuku large.
13. How simple it is understood that Einstein was another interesting incident in his. He discovered the theory of relativity, the most famous and controversial. It is, scientists - anyone abijnani entenai brain could not make the catch. The various meetings of the seminar, he invented the theory of ideas to give lectures backed out. Almost all of the seminar was to discuss the same type. Once I was invited to a seminar, for giving lectures. Basala a strange caprice of his driver on the road. Said,'' Sir, get out of your lekacaragulu listening. The one-day seminar for the seje I want to Einstein.'' I think its funny people ainastainerao dharala. In essence, he agreed. Let's not're viewing, but what is? The ceremony was the driver of the auto Einstein Einstein seje visitors ainastainerai railena driver sitting in the row. The media that he was not dauratnya. The event is not realized. Him and the driver of the stage ainastainarupi him. Visitors Row Einstein was fascinated by repeatedly clapping killing. Event at the end of the driver of a yeye Einstein said,'' You are very good about this. But you know, I did not understand this at such and such bisayagulu. Could you please explain to me bisayagulu available'' Einstein drivers do not obfuscate the point of my answer,'' Oh! This matter? But I can explain this draibharai. Let go of his hand.14. Once ainastainake a mathematical formula for success that is profit. He said,'' X + Y + Z = A, where X = function, Y = A = success in the sport.'' Z'' and that what was asked of him''. Keep your mouth off'''', Einstein answered.15. Einstein's theory of relativity is a simple explanation of the complicated way,'' When you are a beautiful woman sitting next to keep the two ghantake is two minutes, and when you have two minutes in a hot oven at a moment when the two are two minitake hours. This is the relativity.'' He said about the radio, telegraph'' I deny. I think, and it's a long, long a cat. Sitting in New York's laissez you will need, while Los Angeles's going to head to the mu mu. Understand the point? The wireless just works. I give the signal, while the response. The difference is that in this wireless cat in there.
16. So who can explain it, but a lot of the time, he could not understand Was life easier. Einstein once home submit. One day, he went home to see how it is. Turn and look at all the books, he was passing the little kitten? I have not been calculated for the small door. In fact, people who are too large, they are always overwhelmed by the thought, Was so small they can not understand a lot of the time. Einstein was not the first scientist would never understand. Finally happy for him and another small door next to the large door that is, if his paternal kitten can travel safely. However, the kit is used in the door, I can tell you ainastainai.17. There are rumors, the beautiful actress merilina manero Einstein was weak. The marriage proposal was thus ainastainake manero day,'' Let's not, we pheli married? The sense of beauty and our children will be the world's best children. I see you are like me and buddhite.'' Einstein immediately said,'' and if the other way around? Buddhite you like to see me like that?'''s Response to the manero what I said I could try to get to know.18. Einstein's theory of general relativity in the first three words that best describe you, for the prize of the obese by Scientific American. 'I have only part of the niini. I believe I mean it could have been three thousand words' - if Einstein.19. This is often a good dress to go before ainastainake request - uparodha his wife. Most times the answer, 'Why should I do? I know everyone there., Then Einstein's first meeting at the time when the number of L, then again, he can not insist on my good clothes to go there after killing his wife. He replied, 'Why did I do it? But I do not know the history. 'The 0. After his studies in 1935 to reach prinsatane when Einstein was asked what will be required, a desk, some pads, a pencil and a huge garbage bag for all of you at the end of my mistakes.
At 1. Visits to Mount Wilson Observatory Einstein's wife. The world's largest optical telescope in the vast frontiers. He was an astronomer, the spread of sensitive equipment by the universe, shape detection. He uthalena with, 'and! My husband is an old envelope pechanei do it.The. Exemption from unwanted guests to get a sense of the great Einstein. Some time after I came home one bowl of soup a grhaparicaraka Entering camera. If he accepts it, then it means that they had to eat and means for cutting parai his superior. Einstein On the other hand, if he wishes to continue, then remove the syupata one side, it - or it does not chilai here.At 3. 1930 Einstein renounced his American of Berlin. Berlin relastesane paumchei lost his wife. However, I find him. Taraparai preceded lost a pair of tickets. They eventually found, and thus started his journey in America.At 4. Visits to Mount Wilson Observatory Einstein's wife. The world's largest optical telescope in the vast frontiers. He was an astronomer, the spread of sensitive equipment by the universe, shape detection. He uthalena with, 'and! My husband is an old envelope pechanei do it.At 5. What is the future? I was once asked Albert Einstein. In response to bhangite impassive Einstein said, 'I never think of the future is not. Because, it is very taratarii.
At 6. In the twentieth century, Albert Einstein is one of the best scientists and the best all medhabidera. Relativity Theory (The Theory of Relativity), he is most known for the discovery. Interestingly, he received his Nobel Prize for this discovery. I was gona say that some of the scientists can understand his theory.

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